About Us

Reelicon Red Homes is specialized in redevelopment of residential and commercial property. The team is equipped with excellent co-ordination with the property dwellers and their concerns in terms of quality of product delivery and seamless transition process from old to new home.

Team Reelicon is full of enthusiasm, vigor and energy. Their lively spirit is reflected in all their commitments and endeavors. Integrity, consistency and dedication are the strongholds of the group. Reelicon Red Homes Pvt. Ltd. always strives for customer satisfaction.

Constant evolution, consistent commitment and dedicated service gives the Reelicon Group a unique edge. With a legacy of successful business ventures, the group now dons the new mantle, that of a futuristic construction company.

Why us

  • Thoughtful planning
  • Intelligent utilization of space
  • Excellent green to construction ratio
  • Supreme ambience
  • Luxury living at its best
  • Fine living experience for everyone
  • Transparency in all the transactions

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